Everyone In Holiday Gift Guide


When the world is riddled with huge issues that often make us feel tiny in comparison, it may be easy to feel our impact is minimal, too. But we both know that isn’t the case—especially when we work together. In fact, we have seen countless times this year alone the significant change we can inspire in our own communities through simple collective actions in our daily lives. This quote springs to mind: “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” Even as we keep up with the news globally, it’s crucial to remember how much we can affect locally.

This holiday season, we’re bringing you the Everyone In Gift Guide with a bunch of L.A.-based businesses that give back in so many amazing ways to their communities, including advocacy and support for our unhoused neighbors. Consider getting your holiday shopping done with some (or all!) of these businesses to help people experiencing homelessness and to help strengthen their economic wellness.

We’ve carefully curated this guide with our favorites. Browse through to see lots of cool gift ideas and how your purchases can make a difference.

The Giving Keys – Find beautiful hand-stamped jewelry that moves you, whether it’s endorsing love, strength, bravery, or something more personal to you. The Giving Keys is all about paying it forward, so once you pick your word, you commit to it, then pass it on once you find the next person who could benefit from the message—lather, rinse, repeat. And since they were founded, The Giving Keys has provided more than 130 jobs for people transitioning out of homelessness!

Lot XI – This modern day apothecary sells soaps, candles, and other goodies that refresh and relax. We’re also keeping our eyes peeled for the latest soon-to-come product from this Black-owned small business: weighted blankets! It’s the coziest time of the year!

Torch – Do you know what T.O.R.C.H. stands for? It’s an acronym for “Thoughts of Rich Choices and Habits.” We so appreciate this Black-owned small business’s mission to inspire people’s frame of mind and thought for the better. Check out their candles made with eco-friendly coconut wax!

MADE by Downtown Women’s Center – All purchases from Made, created by the Downtown Women’s Center, will support vital career training and mentorship programs for women who are experiencing homelessness. Many of Made’s products are key ingredients to some lovely self-care, like candles, soaps, bath salts, or you can peruse some cool clothing and stationery.

Los Angeles Oils & Butters – It’s so important to dedicate time each day to taking care of ourselves, and we think it’s key that we nurture ourselves with quality products. Check out this Black-owned small business for so many wonderful skin care products, oil-infused African Black soaps, and other lotions and potions.

The LA Original – This collective puts local creative Angelenos in the spotlight to promote shopping locally. Head here to shop the amazing goods from artists and makers of all varieties to keep powering L.A. to produce beautiful works.

Kindness & Hope – Here you will discover a stylish mix of gift options, like purses, makeup, and apparel. All purchases support Kindness & Hope’s mission to elevate the stories of people facing adversity and provide a foundation of hope and change within our communities.

Leafy Greens Creations – Choose from a number of rad locally grown plants from this Black-owned small business and receive your order for free shipping within 5-7 days. We love seeing small businesses that promote sustainable practices and appreciate the beauty of our local environment!

Homeboy Industries – Since 1988, Homeboy has been operating tirelessly to support people formerly in gangs, providing critical services like job training and counseling. You can support their work by purchasing merchandise, books, or—yum—food!

Safe Place for Youth Color of Hope Collective – Deck yourself or your space out with some awesome jewelry and art from the Color of Hope Collective through Safe Place for Youth. Your purchase will support Safe Place for Youth’s critical work in aiding and protecting young people experiencing homelessness.

Eso Won Books – This independent Black-owned bookshop’s specialty is literature chronicling the Black experience. Check out the awesome selection for both fiction and nonfiction. We love supporting small businesses that educate on and elevate important voices!

With Love LA – Select any of four meal/care boxes to pay it forward to a family in need in South L.A. All you need to do is pick out which one you like and With Love LA will handle everything else, helping your impact go far!

Village Well Books – This café and bookstore supports social causes each month and promotes education and advocacy in the community. Check out their diverse selection of books and cool merch for the bookworm in your life who cares about giving back, too!

Tamra Copper LA – Check out these unique Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottles and other handcrafted goods from this Black-owned small business that promotes nourishing the spirit, which we think is rad! Add on to your water bottle with a beautifully engraved message of positivity to carry with you and keep close to your heart.

Light 4 Life Cause – You’ll love this organization’s gorgeous handcrafted candles. Your purchase of one will support more job training, personal coaching, and life skill building for adults with developmental disabilities participating in the Light 4 Life Cause. We love when our wallets can support more vital services that will help so many people!

Hot & Cool Cafe – This small business serves as the backdrop for some amazing creative works, including art and live music. We recommend picking up a few bags of their delicious coffee—imagine a freshly roasted cup the next chilly SoCal evening? Ah!

Gifted by FreeFrom – Pamper yourself or a loved one with gorgeous gift boxes full of soaps, sprays, salves, and more from FreeForm. Your purchase will help disrupt the link between domestic violence and financial insecurity by supporting the entrepreneurship of survivors of intimate partner violence. Check out this organization’s awesome revenue model on their website, where they break down exactly how the proceeds of each product support their mission.